Texas Chicken Hatchery Tips! Looking for chickens for sale in Texas? How to find the ideal Texas chicken hatchery

Where to find a chicken hatchery or chickens for sale in Texas? We have put together some tips and a list of the top chicken hatcheries in Texas.  Buying chickens from a local Texas hatchery gives you the option to pick up your baby chicks in person. Especially in the extreme summer heat chicks don’t always survive shipping, through no fault of the hatchery.  Ideally if you are going to order chicks to be shipped it will be during a season when temperatures are moderate.  In-person pick-ups work better during seasons of high heat or extreme cold.

How to raise chicks

Checklist before picking up your chickens from a hatchery in Texas:

Have a box, crate or kennel ready to put your chicks or pullets in when your arrive.  In fact, for most chicken hatcheries in Texas this is a requirement. Don’t allow them to ride unrestrained in your vehicle.

If picking up chicks, have your brooder set up and ready for them.  Be sure you have the following items set up:

  • Brooder box. A crate, bin, or kennel to protect them from predators and not allow them to escape.
  • Heating Plate or Heat Lamp.  Be very careful with heat lamps.  They will cause fires.  Do not install them where they can fall on combustible materials.
  • Chick Feeder
  • Waterer.  Ideally a waterer baby chicks can’t fall into and drown.
  • Newspaper for the first week or two.  Pine wood shavings for the next 2-10 weeks after.

Choosing a Texas Poultry Hatchery:

Several factors should be considered when choosing a Texas poultry hatchery to purchase chicks from:

  • Reputation: Check the chicken hatchery’s reputation online, in Facebook groups and with fellow backyard chicken owners.  Look for hatcheries with consistent reviews regarding delivery of healthy chicks. Most Texas chicken hatcheries have plenty of reviews to help make your decision.
  • Availability: Does the hatchery have the type of chicks that you are looking for, when you need them? Popular chick hatcheries often sell out in advance, so planning ahead ma be required to get the exact type of chick that you are looking for.
  • Minimum Order size: Many hatcheries have a minimum order requirement.  Sometimes you may have to purchase and raise more chicks than you want to keep. If you find yourself in this situation you may have to sell some once you have raised them.  Don’t worry, there is always someone looking for chickens.
  • Location: Is the hatchery within a reasonable distance from you if you are planning on picking up in person?
  • Price: Compare price per chick, including shipping, if you are having your chicks mailed.

What to know when ordering chickens from a hatchery in Texas:

If it is your first time ordering chicks from a hatchery there are a few things to know before placing your order.  Chicks are sold in three categories:

  • All male
  • All female
  • Straight Run

Straight Run means you will receive a random allotment with no guarantee that the chicks are male or female.  Some chicken breeds are not easily sexed until older so the chicks are only offered in straight run.  If you are looking for just female chicks be sure to buy enough extra to increase your odds and plan to sell the remainder once they are 8-16 weeks old and you can tell what sex they are.

Choosing a chicken breed:

The final consideration when ordering your chicks from a Texas hatchery is choosing the breed.  What are your goals with your chickens? What is your climate?

Categories of chicken breeds:

  • Egg Layers: Prolific egg laying chicken breeds typically produce 250-360 eggs per year
  • Meat Birds: meat birds grow quickly, and sex is generally irrelevant as they grow very fast and are ready for processing around 8-12 weeks old. They still lay eggs as adults but at a slower rate, generally 150-160 per year.
  • Dual Purpose: Dual purpose chickens strike a balance between being good egg layers and still having a substantial amount of meat.
  • Ornamental: Ornamental chickens are birds with more plumage, often smaller (bantam).  Their function is often considered more decorative than layers or meat birds.  Ornamentals will still lay eggs, but in lower quantity than a Layer.

What is your climate?

Some chicken breeds perform well in hot climates.  Other breeds perform well in cold climates. Choose breeds that are well suited to your local climate for the best chance of success maintaining a healthy flock.  Of all the climate conditions that are most likely to affect a chicken, heat stress is one of the top considerations.  When choosing a chicken breed in Texas be sure to pick breeds that are suited to hot climates.

List of Top Chicken Hatcheries in Texas – Where to buy chicks and pullets in the Lone Star state

Here is the list of the top Texas chicken hatcheries and farms in the Lone Star state for purchasing chicks and pullets:

Name Website Phone Email Address
Ideal Poultry IdealPoultry.com 800-243-3257 sales@idealpoultry.com 215 West Main Street Cameron, TX 76520
Claborn Farms ClabornFarms.com 254-829-5333 sales@clabornfarms.com Ross, Texas.  Call for address by appointment
Cluckingham Palace Cluckinghampalacetx.com 210-646-4478 N/A San Antonio, TX
Bird & Bee Farm BirdandBeeFarm.com 512-808-8533 N/A 1369 County Road 334, Rockdale, Texas 76567
Bageniece Farms PolishFarm.com 469-387-0625 dan@polishfarm.com 13702 CR 3702, Quinlan TX 75474
Bluestar Ranch Bluestar-ranch.com 281-627-8009 sales@bluestar-ranch.com 5305 Hudson Bend Rd Austin TX 78734
SeaBreeze Hens SeaBreezegoats.com 281-900-0183 seabreezehens@gmail.com 831 12th Street, San Leon, TX 77539
Blacksheep Farm Blacksheep.farm N/A N/A Ovilla, TX. By appointment.  Will meet in Waxahachie,

Midlothian, Cedar Hill, or Ovilla TX

Feathered Hatchery FeatheredHatchery.com 210-259-9734 N/A Hillsboro,TX. Call or message for appointment and address

Video tips on raising baby chicks: