Chicken coop plans from Lonestar Coops come in PDF format and include detailed instructions with:

  • Lots of drawings and photos
  • Construction tips
  • Complete material list
  • Easy to follow instructions

These plans are ideal for the backyard chicken owner who wants to build a premium coop on their own.  Typical tools required are a drill/power driver, circular saw, jigsaw, hammer and Kreg pocket-hole jig. Build project enthusiasts who have more advanced tools like a miter saw or router will find a use for their favorite tools as well, although these are optional, not required.

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Our premium construction plans have been meticulously thought out to provide you the optimal experience in both building and ownership.  A premium coop is not just one with easy to follow instructions that is built out of the right materials.  It must also provide you a coop that makes owning chickens easy and provides for every element of their safety.

Key features of all of our coops:

  • Predator proofing is the starting point of all of our designs
  • Tons of ventilation for healthy chickens, with large windows on all four sides of the henhouse
  • Plexiglas storm windows to close up the henhouse during the cold winters
  • Covered walk-in chicken run with human size door
  • Deep Litter ready
  • Solid lumber build using 2×4’s and 2×6’s
  • Pocket screw construction makes assembly easy for the DIY builder
  • 16-19 gauge hardware cloth
  • 16 gauge predator apron
  • ChickenGuard Automatic chicken door framing available on all plans
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