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The Deep Litter method is essentially composting in place. The Deep Litter system is a tradition in poultry management going back decades.   This system greatly reduces the time and expense of keeping chickens. Deep Litter utilizes a neutral source of carbon such as dust free, super absorbent industrial hemp combined with the nitrogen from chicken droppings. Mother Nature adds in naturally occurring microbes and this is where the magic happens.  The bedding in your roosting area begins to compost in place. When done properly the Deep Litter method does not smell. Flies are more or less non-existent and the bedding only needs to be replaced every 12-18 months.

Initial Set up for Deep Litter:
Fill your roosting area with a layer about 4-6″ deep of industrial hemp (or the bedding of your choice). If you are using industrial hemp, for 1-12 chickens and a 20-24 sq ft henhouse (4’x5′ or 4’x’6′) this will take approximately 1/2 bale of hemp, or 22 lbs. Once per month, or as needed depending on moisture level, add in an additional 1″ of industrial hemp. You can turn the pile with a small garden hand rake if the chickens scratching around in the henhouse is not moving the material around.
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