Why have an automatic chicken door?


With an automatic chicken door there is no more waking up to an alarm clock to let your chickens out. Imagine being able to sleep in and not feel guilty!  No more worries about not being home to safely lock your chickens up at night. Whether you set your automated chicken door to use the timer function or sunrise/sunset detection, everything is automated.


An automated chicken door is one way to help predator proof your chicken coop.  One of the fastest ways to lose your entire flock is to forget to safely lock up your chickens at night and then a predator slips in.  With an automated door this risk factor is eliminated.  There is no price tag on this level of peace of mind.

About the ChickenGuard Self Locking Premium Door Combi Kit:

There are a lot of good automatic door products on the market to choose from. At Lonestar Coops we use the ChickenGuard self-locking Premium Combi kit.  This product has several major benefits:

  • Three year warranty
  • Self Locking door to defeat predators that could otherwise pry a door open
  • Manual, Timer, and Light detection modes for Open/Close
  • Ability to change Light Sensitivity
  • Easy installation

Automatic Chicken Door

The retail price of the ChickenGuard Premium Combi kit is $264.99.  However, Lonestar Coop customers who purchase one of our coop plans are eligible for 10% off a ChickenGuard Self Locking Premium Combi Kit.  Buy one of our coops then visit our Shop for the special discount.

Check out our YouTube video for more information on the product and instructions on how to install a ChickenGuard chicken door.