Lonestar Coops’ story

Lonestar Coops is a family owned business based in Austin TX.  Not only does Lonestar Coops design and build custom chicken coops, we also sell chicken coop build plans for the DIY backyard chicken farmer looking for a premium chicken coop design.  Ever-focused on customer service,  phone, email and Facebook Messenger support are included with any plans purchased.  

Lonestar Texas Coast

About Tony and Alison

Tony and Alison share a love of animals, organic gardening, healthy living, and the outdoors.  In their free time they enjoy the live music of Austin, dancing country western, bachata and salsa, going to the lake and pretty much anything outdoors.

Tony moved to Austin permanently in 1985, although his family has been in Austin for generations, going back to 1902. His background includes decades of experience in engineering, product design & development, and customer service. 

Alison is a lifelong Texas resident and an unrivaled caretaker of animals.  Her primary background is in the veterinary field.

About Lonestar Coops

The Beginning

Keeping chickens was originally an extension of a passion for holistic earth conscious living and a sustainable lifestyle.  We began with the simple things like raised bed organic gardening.  That was quickly followed by composting and vermicomposting (worm farms) for garden fertilizer.  Tony even designed and built a 220 gallon rain barrel water collection system for the garden using recycled food grade barrels.  While all of this was occurring the chicken research was ongoing. Chickens are a natural extension of a home gardening system due to the beneficial nature of chicken droppings in compost. What the research led to was a commitment to solve many of the issues so commonly voiced by chicken owners.  


The Concept and Design Process

Lonestar Coop Drawing

Tony’s firm belief was that a chicken coop design had to be user friendly.  It had to be designed to allow the owners to go on vacation for a weekend without stress, yet still be comfortable for the chickens. As he read story after story of people losing their chickens to predators he knew that best-in-class predator proofing was a non-negotiable requirement. And being from Texas, Tony knew dealing with both cold and extreme heat was going to have to be part of the product design plan.  Months and months of research led to a solid list of product requirements. Next the design process began on paper (ok, actually on a CAD program), drawing board by board until many weeks later the first chicken coop design was done.  Additional research was done on materials and vendors for sourcing all the build materials.  The lumber on a chicken coop is the easy part, and maybe even the cheapest part of the project.  It’s all the other hardware, latches, roofing, hardware cloth, etc that go into building a coop that drive up the costs and make or break the quality and aesthetics.  


Sharing with Others

Tony had seen and heard the struggles of so many families to build a nice looking, predator proof, low maintenance chicken coop.  He understood not everyone has $5000 or $10,000 to pay a contractor to build them a premium chicken coop. So he launched Lonestar Coops and decided to share his designs along with detailed construction plans and material lists.   Now anyone with a some common tools can build a true premium chicken coop.

Recognizing that not everyone wants to do their own build, Lonestar Coops does design and build custom chicken coops for our customers at their location, anywhere in the US.  Choose from one of Lonestar’s existing plans, or if you have a specific dream or an idea share it with us and we can make it come true.


Installing Chicken Coop Roof

Chicken Coop Accessories and Consulting

For customers who already have their own chicken coop Lonestar Coops also sells a variety of products to support backyard chicken farming.  Popular items include industrial hemp, spill proof chicken feeders systems, chicken watering systems, rain barrel systems, chicken water bars of any size, and automatic chicken doors.

Consulting is also offered on a per hour basis if you are having issues with your current backyard farming set up and just need some expert guidance.